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            Jiangxi Zhongli Superhard Material Tool Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry and trade, and has obtained ISO9001 quality certification system certification. Founded in 1996, the company was formerly known as Luoyuan Weili Tool Factory in Fujian. In September 2010, it was relocated to Tianyi Street Industrial Park, Liyang County, Jiangxi Province. It was renamed as Jiangxi Zhongli Superhard Material Tools Co., Ltd., covering an area of nearly 700 acres, and domestic A number of universities and colleges have established scientific research partnerships, with 3 professors and doctors, and several senior engineers and various professional and technical personnel. After nearly 20 years of growth, the company has developed diamond cutting tools, diamond saw blades and hardware tools. , Diamond wire saws, diamond drills, diamond grinding wheels and other products of large-scale superhard material tool manufacturers, including diamond sawing head products annual sales of nearly 100 million, ranking the world's forefront.

             Following the enterprise spirit of "unity, integrity, innovation and development", Zhongli Company takes "refinement, diversification and internationalization" as its development strategy, takes "creating value for customers" as its development objective, relies on scientific and technological innovation as its development motive force, and provides high-tech and serialized tool support and addition for stone, ceramics, glass, cemented carbide, construction engineering, geological engineering and other fields. All-round service of industry and technology.



Company history

2010 changed its name to Jiangxi Zhongli Superhard Material Tools Co., Ltd.

Company Size

Covers an area of nearly 700 acres, establishes cooperative relations with many universities, and has several technical personnel.

Safe Production

The company successfully established a sophisticated production process, a complete inspection system and a quality management system.

System Certification

The company passed GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001 quality certification.

Company Philosophy

The company adhering to the "unity, integrity, innovation, development," the spirit of enterprise, "fine, diversified, international" development strategy.

Main business

Production of large-scale super-hard material tool manufacturers such as diamond cutter heads, diamond saw blades and hardware tools, diamond wire saws, diamond drills, and diamond grinding wheels.

Company Achievements

The annual output of diamond saw blade products is nearly 100 million pieces, ranking the top in the world.


In December 2017, Shangrao Superhard Materials

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Manufacturer of Diamond Tools

Quality Assurance

Stone, ceramics, glass, cemented carbide, construction engineering, geological engineering and other fields provide high-tech, serialized tool support and processing technology in all directions.

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Refinement, diversification, and internationalization to create maximum value for customers


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Diamond blade cutting diamond head


It is mainly used for the cutting of composite saw blades of various hardness plates, and the flatness of the cut plates is good.

Marble Mining Wire Saw
Can be used for all kinds of marble mining, can also be applied to marble mine block shaping.
Diamond wheel and diaphragm
Diamond grinding wheel is mainly used in the polishing of granite, marble, cement products, etc...
Small diamond saw blade
Can be used for all kinds of granite blocks, marble blocks plastic, split and so on. Applied to stone, pottery...
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